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A great project always start with Design plan. Taking the step will give you opportunity to visualize your project prior to Construction.

Through a refined process and skilled project management we are able to move from design concepts throught to their realization, staying on schedule and in steady communication with our clients.

We always provide an efficient flow of information and respond promptly to calls. Below is a quick look at what can be expected at every stage of SoGreen project.

Consultation With Landscape Designer

At this stage a meeting with designer at your house for 1 - 1/2 hour. During this meeting we'll gain a clear picture of your objectives,wish list, and the demands of the site.As well we will have a clear pictutre of your house, existing elements, objectional view, privacy, etc. We'll also leave you with our information package to give you the details you need about working with us.

Design Proposal

We present our proposal for design work and review the Design Contract. We'll go over the process in detail including project timelines. With your approval of the Contract we can move forward with the design development....Deposit fee for design development (50%).

On-site Analysis

All The information gathered During our first Consultation metting with the Designer will be used during this site Analysis. We'll make a pre-arranged visit to take measurements, photos and review the relevant issues of your property.

Concept Plans

Within 2 - 3 working week a preliminary design proposal will be ready for a review of the base plan and proposed design and concepts. This is a great opportunity to give your input and discuss any necessary revisions. We'll also provide an estimated cost for the proposed construction.

Final Design Plan

Once we've finalized the concepts into a cohesive design plan, we can review it in detail together. And now that we've identified each element and the materials, we can go over the final estimate and schedule. With your approval we can start making it happen!...Payment of the remaining balance (50%) of the design & a deposit for construction phase (15%).

Construction Coordination

*(Note : All Permit Charges are extra if needed)

We will start outsourcing All the Material listed in our design & Quotation to make sure receiving the highest Quality product at site securing locates and permits where needed, coordinating any specialty trades and reviewing your site for construction details. Everyone Involved is well informed on the plan details to ensure a smooth flow during installation.

Landscape Installation

Our crews, equipment and foreman are on site and making it happen. We'll make every effort to keep disruptions and mess to a minimum. We can provide weekly project reports so you're always fully informed on the progress, and we can make sure you're pleased with our work. Feel free to speak with your foreman at any time, or contact our office (contact) with any questions or comments if preferred.

Project Assessment

With the close of the construction phase, we'll do a walk-through together to identify any issues, questions or unfinished items. Any incomplete items will be resolved promptly and before the project is considered complete.

Project Completion

We'll meet again for a closure meeting once every detail is complete. This is always such a pleasure for us because it's the point where our clients are newly aware of the wonderful enhancement to their home and their lives. ...Presentation of final invoices.


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