Protecting Your Investment Starts With Understanding Your Warranty Schedule

So Green offers a One year warranty on all plant material (As per our plant warranty - labor, dumping old dead plants, travel time and additional soil is estimated extra)

All Hardscape work is warranty for Two years from the date of completion

With the following exceptions:

1. Plant Material

  • High Risk material such as: Austrian Pine, Birch, Japanese Maples, Schubert Cherries, Flowering Dogwoods,Rhododendrons and Azaleas, Roses, Grasses, Perennials, Vines, Herbs, Ground Cover, Sod and Seed, Annual sand Water Plants. The plants listed above will be warranted within the season they are planted.
  • Plant material that has not been cared for properly, examples: water deficiency or overabundance, lack of proper cultivation, animal damage or compaction by known or unknown sources.

2. Concrete, Pre-cast Pavers, Flagstone and Mortar

  • Hair line cracks in concrete.
  • Damage caused by salt or urea products. Use of these products will prematurely deteriorate your job. (We suggest the use of plain sand along with brooms and plastic shovels to control and remove snow and ice.)

3. Water features

  • Water features that have not been opened or closed properly.
  • Instructions are specific to each feature. Manufacturers have care and maintenance instructions specific to their products. We would be happy to instruct you on the procedures or we can provide the service

4. Wood

  • Shrinkage and cracking.
  • Paint and stain finishes

5. Natural Stone and Boulders

  • Cracking , change in color and fissures

6. Grading

  • Settlement caused by sub surface shifting.

7. Lighting

  • Wiring that has been damaged by animals or cut in any way. Or system that was tampered by home owner
  • Replacement bulbs, fuses, and broken fixture for whatever reason.
  • Tampering with the transformer controller, or changing any set control setting
  • Damage to the fixtures and or controller due to weather or nature (example: broken branch due to wind with down lights attachment and other reasons).

8. Materials, Products and Services

  • is not liable for products or services where a separate warrantee is being offered. Items of this nature could but are not Ltd. to: appliances, pumps, construction material, services or sub-contacts such as pools, electricians, plumbers, etc.

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